Unity 5 on a 5k Retina iMac

michael Unity 5

Someone on the Unity forums was asking how Unity 5 looks on a 5k Retina iMac.  About a month ago I sold my 1 year old iMac and got the 5k.  Here’s what I said about it on the forum:

Unity 5 vs Unreal Engine for Mobile Games

michael Unity 5, Unreal Engine

For the past few years I’ve been developing my own game engine… sort of.  Back when I started making iOS games in 2010 there was a Apple demo called Texture2D.  This demo became the basis of the engine for my first game Big Bad Sudoku Book.  Coincidentally I believe this was also the basis of the Cocos-2d engine (and probably …

Pixel Perfect Sprites in Unity3D

michael Unity 5

I like to use a mix of 2d and 3d in my games.  For sprites I want them to be pixel perfect.  Otherwise there can be blurring or resize artifacts.  One way to do this is to draw the 2d elements with an orthographic projection and the 3d elements with a perspective projection.  But I don’t like this approach.  Sometimes …